Coaching is an interactive process that helps us use our knowledge and abilities more effectively, improve our skills and achieve better results. This is a proven method of mastering managerial and communication skills and improving the ability to work under pressure. It also helps to better understand organisational interactions and the impact we can have on them. In essence, coaching is an effective method of self-development that directly results in an increase of our effectiveness and a greater awareness of the abilities and skills we have.

During one-on-one coaching sessions, managers have a chance to better recognise their own patterns of thinking and behaviour (including unwanted ones), identify strengths and weaknesses and analyse their personal competence potential. The coach assists the client in better understanding of his/her abilities and potential limitations, which results in greater self-awareness, more confidence in the decision-making process and improved operational effectiveness. Coaching also helps to exchange our habits and patterns of behaviour for those that allow a manager to be more creative and effective in daily management.

Executive coaching is a tailor-made method of skills development for more senior management, tailored to suit the individual expectations and needs of a particular client. This form of coaching provides managers with comfortable training and confidentiality regarding anything that is discussed with a coach. Individual executive coaching also allows for scheduling the dates and frequency of sessions in line with the busy schedule of a coached executive.

Małgosia Kubik-Mijakowska, who is an accredited life and business coach, works with management executives in London and in Warsaw. If you have any questions concerning coaching or coaching classes with Malgosia, please contact us.

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