KCC enjoys all the benefits of being a small-size company - a synergetic team, a large dose of operating flexibility and friendly interpersonal relations. We are a group of individualists with diverse experiences but a joint goal: to support our clients in their development and achievement of better results.

Our team consists of people with extensive legal, financial and management know-how, as well as sector specialists. We share a passion for dynamic work and life, and value ongoing development. Also, we want to share our gained experience with our clients.

If your career path is in line with what we do on a daily basis, please see our requirements, what we have to offer, the recruitment process - and join us.

How we work

KCC specialises in tailor-made services for institutional and individual clients. We work in project teams, which are managed on a daily basis by a project manager responsible for a particular task, or individually with a client (coaching/advisory services for senior management). Our work requires a lot of self-reliance, creativity, attention to a client's needs, availability and above all professional knowledge combined with experience.

What we expect

KCC is a team of people with very mixed professional expertise and interests. However, we all enjoy working with clients, look for new challenges, and seek to constantly develop our skills and qualifications. We all are interested in everything around us; we are dynamic and able to work under pressure.

We are always looking for exceptional individuals (interested in a full-time position or in cooperation) with extensive experience in management, strategic advisory services, PR or professional translations.

We value people who enjoy challenge, are capable of solving problems and have the know-how to argue their point of view. We expect our future colleagues to be dynamic, flexible, capable of dealing with unexpected situations and team-oriented. In addition, we also expect a high level of creativity, excellent work organisation and dedication.

What we offer

As a small and less formal organisation, we offer the options of working with us under an employment contract, on the basis of a job order, under an agreement to perform a specific task or through an invoice. We are open to full or part-time cooperation. We offer very competitive remuneration with a motivation scheme.

We can provide wide-ranging professional development resulting from the services we provide, the variety of projects we handle and our prestigious but very demanding clients. We establish project teams based on the individual abilities and preferences of our employees; therefore, each project is a chance to gain know-how and exchange expertise with other colleagues participating in the project. Most of all, we are a team of people who are friends and can always count on each others' help and support.


We accept applications throughout the year. If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV, a cover letter in both Polish and English, and your consent to process your personal data, to our email address:

Please note that we contact only selected candidates.

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