Kubik Corporate Consultants ("KCC") was founded in 2005 to answer the growing demand from institutional clients for professional translations and management advisory services. Małgosia Kubik-Mijakowska, the founder, whose professional career includes investment banking and management consultancy, established KCC to assist institutional clients and business professionals with management tasks.

The goal of KCC is to provide tailor-made services for each of our clients. We first undertake to fully understand clients' needs by becoming familiar with the specifics of their business and its requirements. Then we prepare a detailed package of services in the form most suitable for them.

KCC is a team of over 20 professionals, all with excellent educational and professional backgrounds, who apply their many years of work experience with international corporations to support our clients in achieving success. Our team comprises translators, professional editors, lawyers, economists and management professionals with extensive business experience.

Our management team specialises in projects for small or newly established companies as well as individual clients. We want to share our know-how and ideas to help our clients identify development possibilities and recognise existing and potential threats, to assist them in improving their management skills, and to develop strategies for the introduction and implementation of changes. Through this approach, we support our clients in achieving better and more sustainable results.

Małgosia, who is also an accredited life and business coach, works with senior management in London, where she operates her consultancy, and in Warsaw.


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