Our consultants provide management advisory services to both institutional and individual clients. We specialise in improving the effectiveness of organisational processes, advising on corporate communication, refining leadership skills and developing strategic management. Our main goal is to assure a high quality of service that will lead to permanent improvement in the operational effectiveness of organisations, as well as their employees and senior management.


Coaching is a very effective tool used to support personal and professional development. It focuses on one's abilities and resources, in particular on improving and broadening them. With this training, the coachee is able to work more effectively. The coach helps coachees to better understand their abilities and potential limitations, leading to an increase in their self-awareness, their confidence in the decision-making process and their operational effectiveness.



KCC specialises in professional financial and legal translations, from Polish to English and English to Polish. Members of our translations team include finance, law and management practitioners, who are assisted by professional translators and experienced editors.

In less than four years of operation in the translation services market, KCC has become a business partner of many Polish and international companies that value its professional approach combined with tailor-made services.


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